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7 to 8:30

Letting Go

Book by Dr. David Hawkins


7-8  pm

Meditation Class

Donna Voldness



(1st & 3rd)

7 to 8:30 pm

Psychic Development

This is an exciting group to be a part of. Imagine getting an intuitive reading from several student psychics once every two weeks and having the opportunity to give your intuitive impressions to others with their hopefully truthful responses so you can gage your accuracy. Attending this

group has been an eye opener for many people.



Every Thursday

7 pm

Manifest Your Reality

Nithyananda  Meditation







Friday Night Talks

  $5.00 Cash at the Door

Will begin again Sept 2016

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15% of 2017 Calendars

The following calendars are the best in the

spiritual unfoldment, personal growth, wellness and metaphysical field.

Calendars make wonderful Christmas gifts.

Wall    $13.95

Guide   $13.95

Datebook  $10.95

Pocket  $7.95

Wall   $14.99

Pocket  Planner  $8.99

Guide  $12.99

Inner  Reflections

Engagement Calendar


We Moon

Wall  $15.95

Datebook  Spiral  $19.95


A Course in Miracles

Wall $13.99


A Glimpse of heaven 

Wall  $14.99


A Course in Miracles

Wall $13.99


A New Earth

Wall  $14.99


Awakening the Heart

Wall  $14.99



Wall  $14.99


You Can Heal Your Life

Wall $14.99



Wall $15.99

Flower Spirits

Wall  $14.99

Magic Horses

Wall  $14.99

The Book of Awakening

Wall  $14.99

The Spirit of Place

Wall  $14.99

Jewel of the Lotus

Wall  $15.99

Be Here Now

Wall  $14.99

Messages From Your Angles

Wall  $14.99

Flow of Life

Feng Shui

Wall  $14.99

Yoga Surya Namaskara

Wall  $14.99

Celtic Blessings

Wall  $14.99

Healing Mandalas

Wall  $14.99

Alex Grey

Wall  $14.99

Angel spirits

Wall  $14.99


Wall  $14.99

Secret Garden

Wall  $14.99