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Monday-Friday 10:30-7pm  Saturday 10-5pm  Sunday 12-5pm

2014 Classes

All classes held at the Phoenix

You are invited to attend any class.


7 to 8:30

The Eye of the I

Book by Dr David Hawkins



7 to 8:15 pm

Transmission Meditation

Call Greg Pace 614-866-0859

for information



Thursday (1st & 3rd)

7 to 8:30 pm

Psychic Development

This is an exciting group to be a part of. Imagine getting an intuitive reading from several student psychics once every two weeks and having the opportunity to give your intuitive impressions to others with their hopefully truthful responses so you can gage your accuracy. Attending this group has been an eye opener for many people.



Friday Night Talks Begin

Feb 7, 2014

7 to 8 pm  $5.00 cash



2 to 4 pm

Course in Miracles

Study Group

Facilitated by Tony Molchen

For more information call




Metaphysical Directory   www.communitypathfinder.com

Friday Night Talk 7 to 8pm

$5.00 at the door

April 18           Good Friday No Talk

April 25           Gluten Free  with Deb Holcomb

May 2               An Introduction to Acupuncture  with  Earl Allen

May 9                An Introduction To The 7 Bodies Of Light And Your Personal Law Of  Attraction

                          with Anpu

May 16             The Benevolent Art of Hari  with   Brian Neil

May 23             Astrology: How Mercury Effects Our Lives with Bob Peters

May 30             Direct Contact With Star Beings Thanksgiving of 2013  Jacquelin Smith


This is the end of our Friday Night Talks for the Spring.

We will begin again in Sept 2014 thru the end of November 2014.

If you have any questions please contact Cathy 614-268-3100

The Angelic Keys to Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose!

Communing with the Divine Workshop

A Clairvoyant’s Guide to Angels, Archangels

and the Spiritual Hierarchy


Conducted by award-winning authors

Barbara Y.  Martin & Dimitri Moraitis

Monday, May 19  6:30—9:30 pm


Join us in a special celebration book launch workshop! Based on their new book Communing with the Divine and martin’s extensive direct clairvoyant experiences, learn how work closely with angels, archangels, and other divine beings who guide you in day-to-day life and help you achieve your destiny. Discover how to strengthen your intuitive powers and hear what the divine is saying to you!

In this comprehensive workshop, you will learn:

             * Various types of angels including: joy guides, teaching angels, guardian angels

             * How to call on archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael and others

             * How leaders of the spiritual hierarchy influence your life

             * The nature of evil and the importance of spiritual protection

             * Keys to clairvoyance and psychic and spiritual visions

             * Meditation tools to access celestial beings for wisdom, love, prosperity, healing, peace,                         guidance and inspiration.

Includes a demonstration of clairvoyant readings!

$39 in advance, $49 the day of

Workshop held at:  Holiday Inn

7007  N. High St. Worthington, OH 43085

Phone:  614-885-3257


To register call Spiritual Arts Institute


Or register online at www.spiritualarts.org

Please place your order so we can reserve your copy.

Retail $17.95

Phoenix $ 14.36