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Birth Pattern  Analysis

A Preliminary Analysis reveals  your pre-birth plan for accomplishment. It is one of the oldest tried and tested tools available, dating back to before the written languages of Egypt, China and India.


The position of the planets in the sky at your birth determine your DNA and explain through your chart in detail your long term aims, goals and intentions for growth in this life. 

Your hereditary conditions or astrological house sizes determine what you need to do in this life to keep your overall universal energy in balance. This is based upon the quantity of understanding accumulated in certain areas in past lives brought forth and deposited as your subconscious mind. The information given in this analysis when interpreted by a knowledgeable counselor is practical, straight forward and easy to understand.

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7 to 8:30

Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man

Book by Dr. David Hawkins



New Class  Begins Sept 29

7-8  pm

Why is Meditation So Important

Donna Voldness


(1st & 3rd)

7 to 8:30 pm

Psychic Development

This is an exciting group to be a part of. Imagine getting an intuitive reading from several student psychics once every two weeks and having the opportunity to give your intuitive impressions to others with their hopefully truthful responses so you can gage your accuracy.

Attending this group has been

an eye opener for many people




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New Book Study                                       Wed Sept 2,  7-8 pm

God’s Message to the World                     Neale Donald Walsch

Led by Mike Seimer



Friday Night Talks

Will begin again  Feb 5,  2016    

$5.00 Cash at the Door

New Offer at Phoenix

Bob will be offering 15 minutes transit consultations

for anyone wanting to have one  question answered.



Should I take this Job?

Should I move at this time?

When should I have my surgery?


Transits are the fast moving planets through the houses. Where they are and how they are aspecting your natal or birth positions is what he will be looking at.  This is not a full Astrological consultation. Just a quick look at what could be influencing what you are trying to accomplish.


Contact Bob for an appointment. Your appointment can be given in person or on the phone. In person is best so he can show you the mathematics that go along with your question.

Remember these are short reading just to help clarify what is the best timing to do what you want.

15 minutes for $30.00


Information needed to make an appointment is:

Birth Place,  City and State

Time of Birth,

Date of Birth.