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If you have any questions or would like to speak please contact Cathy 614-268-3100

Friday Night Talk Begin Feb 3rd

7 to 8 pm    cost $5.00 cash at the door

Reflexology– Stimulating the organs and the endocrine system how they work together   Sandra Street

Mapping on the feet and hands of the endocrine system and the organs followed by brief discussions of how they work together. I will explain techniques to used in the application of stimulating the reflex points.

Feb 24

Pendulum Communication & Healing  Linda Coate

Pendulums have fascinated our speaker Linda Coate, since she first visited COSI as a child. It wasn’t till her 50”s that she learned of their greater significance as a tool for spiritual communication and healing. Come learn about this versatile magnifier that is better than any smart phone. It enables us to not only communicate with those whom have transitioned but also enables reception of healing for those in the physical. This presentation will give you the opportunity to learn the basics and ground rules for both. Participants will even have the option of hands on learning. Pendulums will be provided for class purposes. It doesn’t matter if you have ever communicated in these spiritual realms. Come and enjoy.


Linda has gained her skill as a medium primarily via pendulum usage. She has taught many classes on various Mediumship topics for U.L.E., Journeys of Wisdom, The Christian Spiritualist Temple and the B-Well Clinic. She has given easily over  1000 readings to assist others in their development. All these skills and opportunities have developed since she retired as a librarian and teacher. She is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 4. She very much looks forwarding to sharing her knowledge with you.

March 3  

 Bemer  Rick McClaskey

Waiting on information

March 10

Deep Happy       Peter Fairfield

March 17

 An Introduction to the Human Aura & Chakras   Noble Anpu

We will discuss the 7 Charkas known as spiritual centers in the body along with the 7 colors of the human aura. Each color represents an energetic expression of the person.

Aura-Chakra technology will be present so one can see their color, chakra levels from 0-100 and stress/relaxation level.



March 31

 Healing Yourself Cindy Johnston

The power to heal ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually has always been within each of us. We simply lost our way. Through the understanding as to who we truly are and demystification of our purpose on Earth, it will become evident as to why it has been so difficult to live here and why emotional, physical and spiritual challenges are so prevalent. That said, knowledge and tools will be provided to assist you in working on yourself and doing the work to grow spiritually. This will result in the healing of yourself emotionally and physically. In addition, it will lead you to living life more centered than ever here on Earth. Which is where you will find happiness, peace and contentment. Only you have the power to heal yourself!

All information shared has been provided to Cindy by the Divine. She asks that all participants come with an open mind. Cindy’s calling is to share the knowledge provide by the Divine to help others learn to be open to another perspective of who they are and why they are here on Earth. In addition, she offers Divine Healing for all emotional, physical and spiritual challenges.


March 24