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Friday Night Talks

7 to 8 pm    cost $5.00 cash at the door


The Language of Love  Jessica Trickett

The transformative power of Love is limitless. Join me as we discuss how Love heals, transforms, and opens the doorway to your highest potentials. Languages is a form of communication, which can occur on many different levels. We will talk about how to communicate through the language of Love on all levels including physical, emotional, mental and energetic. We will discuss how to increase our capacity to carry/be a channel for the Love frequency, in other words to BE Love itself. We already are this, as we come together we will realize and activate this within ourselves. We will understand and realize the truth in the words, “love can heal all” and “all you need is love”.

We will close with a meditation where we will feel and receive the transformative power of Love to help us on our journey of  BEING LOVE.


Jessica Trickett is a trained and experienced Psychic, Medium, Counselor, and Healer. From an early age she became aware of her connection to the sprit world and began fostering and intentionally developing her natural gifts. Jessica holds a graduate degree form Case Western Reserve University and has served in a variety of clinical settings as a professional licensed counselor. She is a Karuna and Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Multi-Dimensional Healing Master Teacher.  She has been teaching, healing and providing sessions for 12 years. Jessica holds ordinations through the Order of Melchizedek and the Universal Life Church.

With these gifts, Jessica offers psychic, mediumship, or medical intuitive readings, as well as counseling, healing, group events, classes and workshops. Jessica’s clients say that their sessions with her bring insight, on their life journey. Through in person or telephone readings she will provide you with guidance directly from your spirit team about life issues, health concerns, and/or connect you with loved ones on the other side.

May 31


This concludes our Friday Night talks for the Spring.

We will begin again in the Fall.  If there is a subject or speaker you would like to hear please let Cathy.


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