Friday Night Talks

7 to 8 pm    cost $5.00 cash at the door

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Friday Night Talks

7 to 8 pm    cost $5.00 cash at the door



Awakening The Healer Within, Homeopathy Can Help   Rosana Domingues


Homeopathy is a Wholistic approach to Health Care and one of the 4 pillars of Alternative Medicine.

It is a Natural Healing Modality concerned with the 3 levels of the being: Physical, Mental and Emotional.

It is based on the Law of Similars that states that a substance that can provoke symptoms on a healthy person can also cure those symptoms in the sick.

Homeopathy uses ultra-diluted natural substances from the 3 kingdoms in Nature to tune up the Vital Force of the body and bring back balance to the whole system.

In this lecture I will introduce you to how to recognize some of these substances and match them to your symptoms so you can try it at home for your most common acute ailments with the help of a guiding book and a homeopathic remedy kit.

Homeopathy does not treat diseases but the individual who carries the disease.

In infectious diseases Homeopathy does not aim to kill bacteria or viruses as antibiotics but to increase your defense cells so your own body can do it with an improved immune system.


I have studied Homeopathy since 1984 and graduated from my first 3-year program in Homeopathy in 1986 from The Hahnemannian Institute of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. Then I graduated from two other 3-year programs in Homeopathy in Sao Paulo, BR and Curitiba, BR.  In the US, I have studied with famous homeopaths like Will Taylor, Luc de Shepper, Rajan Sankaran, Louis Klein, Jeremy Sher, George Vithoulkas, Andre Saine, Joe Kellerstein and many others.

In 1994 I was invited by Dr. Cates to work with him in Dublin, OH where he had a homeopathic practice. I worked with him for almost 2 years and later was invited by Dr. Shearer to work with him in Clintonville, OH where he had his homeopathic practice at Beechwold Clinic. I worked with him for 10 years. Since 2006

I have been working at the Homeopathic Care Center as a homeopathic consultant where I also teach classes on Homeopathy in Spring and Fall.

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This concludes our Friday Night talks for the Fall

We will begin again in the Feb 2020.  If there is a subject or speaker you would like to hear please let Cathy know.