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Friday Night Talks

7 to 8 pm    cost $5.00 cash at the door



From The Illusion Of Separation To The Reality Of Wholeness:

Unraveling Your Beliefs Of Inadequacy To Reveal Your Powerful Truth    Bo Arnold


What we have been taught to believe about ourselves and the world is out of alignment with who and what we truly are. This training is responsible for all of our preventable illnesses and  unhappiness. We are literally sick and tired from the belief of separation and we don’t find freedom or pure joy in its constant threats of inadequacy or its total reliance on materialism.


We will uncover this illusory, separate, trained persona, this idea of a person I call the “Thought Self”. We will see its tactics clearly, what it says and what it does within its highly limited perspective showing itself as low or weak energetic frequencies. Then, through the power of contrasts, we will find our way back to pure alignment, back to one, back to wholeness and the highest frequency of all - pure love. It is time.



Bo L Arnold is an author, a magazine columnist, an entrepreneur, a Reiki Master, an animal communicator and is head-over-heels in love with dogs. Her dedication to assisting others in the quest for a balanced, healthy and peaceful life has been centered on motivation that originates from the authentic self rather than from the mind, from wholeness rather than separation. Her writings and workshops are candid, eye opening and are considered life-changing. She lives in Columbus, Ohio and Scotland, UK. Fun fact about Bo: She thinks Bugs Bunny rocks!



Nov 9

God In You  Dr. Hari Sharma  MD, DABIHM, FACN, DABP, FCAP, FRCPC

Dynamic DNA and Ayurveda (Science of Life:


As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm.

As is the human body, so is the cosmic body.


This presentation will correlate the knowledge and science of Western medicine and the ancient Vedic knowledge of Ayurveda—the Science of Life. Dr. Sharma will discuss the role of DNA in the creation and maintenance of the human physiology and how it corresponds to ancient knowledge, to maintain peace, harmony, health, and well-being in day-to-day living. This is accomplished by catering to both the unmanifest and the manifest part of being, including lifestyle and behavior, diet and digestion, stress management, and the influence of the environment.

The Big Bang that created the Universe come from the unmanifest. Dr. Sharma will discuss how to create a bridge between the unmanifest and the manifest. With this connection we can gain benefits from the unmanifest, which is the source of all knowledge, energy, power, and bliss. The unmanifest is all-pervasive and also inside each one of us. You will learn how we are all connected with everything in manifest Nature and also in the unmanifest part of our lives.



Dr. Sharma has learned and has a background in both the ancient Vedic sciences, which includes  Ayurveda, and the Western medical system. He is Professor Emeritus in the College


Nov 16

Happy Thanksgiving 

This concludes our Friday Night Talks for the Fall. We will begin again on Feb 2019


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