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Movie Watcher’s Guide To Enlightenment  In a radical departure from traditional spiritual cinema David Hoffmeister embraces Hollywood movies as modern day parables for awakening, thus turning the universal pastime of movie watching into a portal for a whole new perspective on Life. Step back, relax and laugh as you learn to see the Big Picture. Allow David and this book to be your gentle guide to a present experience of Enlightenment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                $14.95  $12.70


The Mystical Teachings of Jesus answers the prayer of the heart for an intimate and profound relationship with God in modern times. It is for anyone who is inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus and has experienced the deep wisdom of the Bible.  Two thousand years ago Jesus spoke profound words to lead us out of the darkness and into the Light and Love of His Grace. Today through A Course in Miracles he continues to bless the world with clear and direct teachings on forgiveness and salvation. This book is a gateway to the deep Self Realization that we are the Christ Mind, we are love itself.                                                                                                              $19.99  $16.95