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Services at Phoenix by Appointment

I am Tamar, a native of Columbus Ohio. I have drawn since I could hold a crayon!  After taking many art classes and having a couple of pieces in the gallery downtown Columbus, life happened.  I travelled, got married and had beautiful children.  I used my ability for gifts only, and to play with my girls.  I have had a spiritual connection from birth. After many challenges, I began searching outside conventional church for what I was unsure.  When seeking like minded people, I was introduced to the Ascended Masters.  A couple months after being introduced to Saint Germain, I woke from my sleep one night to see the violet flame upon my chest.  I was not afraid, I felt honored. This flame did not leave me until 6 am.  It was then I “saw” being texted on my cell “keep your firey heart burning”.  I received many messages to begin my painting/art work again. This painting is the result of a vision given me.  This is not my customary style of painting, but my heart filled with love upon its impression given to me.  It is with this love I give it to you.  This painting is a reminder of the unfathomable love being given to you..  This beautiful and perfected violet flame of love to heal you, others and this planet we have graciously been given the opportunity to transform.  The transformation begins with ourselves.  We have SO much available to us!  Each painting is an original, signed, dated and numbered with its title.                       

 Blessings,  Tamara

Keep Your Firey Heart Burning

Special Order Only

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery

Original Painting on Canvas Acrylic and Iridescent Paint.  Numbered, Dated and Signed

16 x20  for $165.00

You may view this paint at Phoenix Books

Any question please call:


Jenny Sieck

Intuitive Tarot


Jenny’s unique approach with the tarot utilizes archetypes. These are patterns and themes found in nature and culture that help you understand, honor, and explore your own unique nature. There are many different complimentary symbol systems that make up the tarot.  She helps use this as a key to unlock your unique intuitive strengths. No two readers are alike. Her focus with the cards may change but her passion for the art & science of reading grows..


Jenny’s work has taken different paths. First she accepted her calling as an intuitive. Then she sought training as a Jungian focused counselor and received her masters in Counseling from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2008.

She utilizes archetypes and the process of intuitive development in her counseling practice.





15 minutes  $30.00

30 minutes  $60.00

1 Hour         $90.00

If you would like a reading with Jenny please call Cathy at  614-268-3100

Vibrational Healing  James Burda

Are you in pain, depressed and or low on energy?


James Burda will explain how vibrational reorganization of every bone and joint in the body will help. Vibrational reorganization does two things known at this time


1. Realigns all of the bones and joints in the body allowing the body to operate at higher efficiency .

2. Increases the vibrational rate of the entire system.


The vibrational force is able to transcend time and therefore reorganization can be made in any or all simultaneous occurring life times. The vibrational force is produced by the specific intention of command phrases to make a change and can be sent to any being or any number of beings anywhere in creation that may need it.

Come and listen as James Burda explains this process.


He will be taking appointments.

$60.00 per session

Call for your appointment:


Psychic/Mediumship  Readings at Phoenix Books.

Jessica Trickett is a trained and experienced Psychic, Medium, Counselor and Healer. From an early age she became aware of her connection to the spirit world, and began fostering and internationally developing her natural gifts. She has studied and taken classes to expand her mediumistic abilities in Lily Dale, NY.  Jessica has served in a variety of clinical settings as a professional licensed counselor. She is a Karuna and Usui Reiki Master Teacher and has been teaching and providing healing for 10 year.

With these gifts, Jessica offers psychic, mediumship, or medical intuitive readings, as well as spiritual counseling for people who seek clarity and insight on their life journey. Jessica’s clients say that their sessions with her bring insight, empowerment, clarity, healing and a more inclusive perspective on their life journey

To schedule a full reading contact Jessica :  Jessicatrickettpsychicmedium@gmail.com

Jessica will be doing Mini reading at the Phoenix ever 3rd Saturday

Starting March 18  10:30-12:30    

email Jessica for an appointment   Jessicatrickettpsychicmedium@gmail.com 

Choose from:

Blend: I can tune in and see what comes through for you, which could be a departed loved one or relevant information from you guides.

Reading for Insight & Clarity: Ask questions about  any aspect of your life situation and receive answers from your guides.

Mediumship Reading: Connect and receive messages from departed loved ones on the spirit side.

The Mini-Readings are donation based. Suggested donation range: $20-$35. Any amount you are able to offer will be accepted and appreciated.


Www.jessicatrickett.com     (for more information)

Jessicatrickettpsychicmedium@gmail.com  (to schedule a reading)