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Text Box: Hearing a Different Voice     Consuelo Cassotti B.S. “Energy Balancing and Awakening the Soul” sessions, are helping many children and teens with ADD/ADHD, autism and learning disorders to be more balanced, self-confident and happy! This book will take you through various cases, session by session so you can see the improvement these children have experienced with her method. Her method can be used for adults as well. Consuelo lives and works in Columbus 
Call the Phoenix if you would like an appointment.                 
	                                           $ 12.95      Phoenix $9.95
Text Box: The Measure of Christ’s Love    Catherine Dove
If you enjoyed a Course in Miracles and Conversations with God, you will absolutely love this book. Catherine is an oracle, conveying Jesus’ messages of  unconditional love and mercy to the world. She brings forth the divine intentions of Jesus and the meaning behind his teachings. She clarifies major 
mis-interpretations, offering highlights of Jesus’ extraordinary life, from infancy to his final hour. Your spiritual awareness will be heightened as you explore and access the Christ within.                            	                                                       $23.99   Phoenix  $19.95
Text Box: The Honeymoon Effect  Bruce Lipton  
Even though the book has relationship overtones it is actually about the science of creating passion, energy, health and balanceresulting from consciously being more Loving. The author  covers the influence of quantum physics (good vibrations), biochemistry (love potions), and psychology  (the conscious and subconscious minds) in creating and sustaining a life so beautiful that you can’t wait to start each new day. Science at its best.                           $24.95      Phoenix $21.00
Text Box: Archetypes  Caroline Myss  writes about 10 primary 
archetypes that have emerged in today’s society: The Caregiver, the Artist/Creative, the Fashionista, the Intellectual, the Rebel, the Queen/Executive, the Advocate, the Visionary, the Athlete, and the Spiritual Seeker. Learning which archetypes best describe you is just the beginning. You can then use this knowledge to make more conscious decisions about everything from careers to relationships, avoiding common pitfalls of your personality type while playing up your strengths. The result is a happier, more authentic you.  It’s never to late to change.                                 $24.95  Phoenix $22.22
Text Box: Touching the Breath of Gaia Pogacnik Marko  This unique interactive guide describes how to communicate with Gaia herself and become her hands, allowing her to use her vast resources to save all her creature, including humans. By using the exercises for personal growth, practicing the meditations and studying the illustrations, readers can learn to work with intuition and feelings rather than intellect to help replace Earths physical traumas with joyous companionship between Gaia and humanity.  Out of print. 2 in stock.                                     	                                                  $19.95 Phoenix $17.95
Text Box: Raw Food Detox Ulrika Davidsson 
 (8 1/2 x 11  full color)  The many benefits of the raw food diet include weight loss, increased energy, improved digestion, shinier hair and a stronger immune system. Not only will you learn the theory behind the raw food detox diet, you’ll learn how to prepare highly nourishing meals, snacks, smoothies and desserts using ingredients like avocados, beets, watermelon and nuts.                               Real Deal     	                                            $14.95   Phoenix $9.95
Text Box: The Alphabet That Changed The World  Stan Tenen examines the Hebrew text of Genesis and shows how each letter is both concept and gesture, with the form of the gesture matching the function of the concept, revealing the implicit relationship between the physical world of function and the conscious world of concept.  He found  the geometric metaphor as the best framework for understanding the deepest meaning of the text. The geometry itself models embryonic growth. The  self-organization principle is the core of many healing and meditative practices. This book is a major authoritative recovery of the “science of consciousness” in Genesis assembled probably for the first time ever. 
						Phoenix $44.44                        
Text Box: Lightworker’s Source Sahvanna Arienta 
If you are a Lightworker you may be going through life with a constant urge to embrace a higher purpose. You know you have a calling but you don’t yet know what it is or how to go about finding it. This guide will help newly awakened or fully conscious Lightworkers reveal their authentic selves and find fulfillment in the lives they are destined to live.  	                                          	                                                     	                                                          $15.99  Phoenix $14.39
Text Box: Living From The Heart    Puran Bair  
This book offers a systematic way to use heart-based meditation in your life. Using the energy of the Four Elements present within your body, mind and heart you can energize the part of your being that is needed to respond to life’s challenges.  This is the book that first revealed the method of Heart Rhythm Meditation in its modern form.   	                                                                         				$19.95  Phoenix $17.95
Text Box: Angels In My Hair Lorna Byrne   True story of a modern day Irish Mystic. This remarkable document is the testimony of a woman who sees things at the far end of the spectrum, beyond the range  of our everyday experience. Lorna speaks for the first time about her remarkable experiences. The book will appeal to readers who enjoy The  Celestine Prophecy and the Power of Now.  	 				$14.00 Phoenix $12.60
Text Box: Let’s Talk Intuition  Intuition consultant Darlene Pitts answers 121 questions that clients have asked her over ten years, to show you how quick and easy it is to use your intuition at home, work and school right now. She describes the various ways your intuition helps you save money, time and energy in 28 areas of life, including career, finances, health and relationships.                             $14.95  Phoenix $13.45
Text Box: Creating On Purpose Anodea Judith Presents a 
comprehensive, systematic method for manifesting your highest aspirations on the physical plane.  Readers learn how to understand and integrate the top-down flow of energy between chakras, the key to effective change in alignment with our highest good. This book offers tools for handling the obstacles that inevitably arise at each chakra level. Whether your dreams are large or small, personal or global, this map will guide you toward their realizations.  	                  $17.95  Phoenix $16.15
Text Box: Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology  Everybody has some character trait they would like to change and there are many techniques available to facilitate these changes. 
Join Eldon Taylor on your own self-improvement exploration using the tools in this book and the  accompanying CD. Experience hypnosis and subliminal patterning for yourself! This is a course. It’s simple and straightforward, one that almost anyone can complete. It has been deliberately simplified so that you can experience the possibilities that lie dormant within you.                 	                                                     $17.95  Phoenix $16.15

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