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Text Box: The World Unseen channeled through Anthony Borgia is a three book series now published in one paperback volume. It is a classic in the field of after death states. Some of the subjects discussed are: halls of learning, first experiences, form, necessity for plans, soil/flowers/animals, other realms,  organization, work, movement, sound/music, lower/higher realms, and a host of other subjects.                       
                                                                   $14.99   Phoenix $12.95
Text Box: Past Life Regression Mary Lee 
LeBay shares knowledge gathered from years of personal and professional experience  through a series of detailed case studies. You will learn:                                                                             *What to do or avoid when facilitating past life regression.       *How to discern memory from fantasy, and how to research your            findings.                                                                                                 *Why lifetimes my appear to overlap.  $16.99  Phoenix $14.99

Edgar Cayce on Auras & Colors  Psychic Carol Ann Liaros and Cayce expert Kevin J. Todeschi have joined together to present a unique volume that teaches you to access your intuitive self in order to see these auras and colors and then goes on to explain their meaning as based on the well-documented readings of Edgar Cayce. Their work explores colors and the human aura in a way that provides practical tools for understanding that can be applied in your own life right now.                             $15.95  Phoenix $12.99

Text Box: The Subtle Body Practice Manual    Cyndi Dale offers an  instruction manual for putting energy healing into action. She includes step-by-step guidance, diagrams and key insights. This is a how-to manual that covers practices from a vast range of  holistic healing and energy-medicine traditions. This manual provides professionals and laypersons alike with an indispensible resource on many applications of energetic care.              $27.95   Phoenix 24.95
Text Box: Eufeeling  Frank Kinslow shows the reader how to tap their natural harmonizing zones deep within their minds. He is the discoverer and developer of Quantum Entrainment, the ground-breaking healing technique that thousands around the globe have successfully used to eliminate emotional and physical discord in themselves and others. He introduces the reader to the QE Intention, a unique and practical tool that anyone can use to improve emotional and physical disharmony, unsettled relationships and financial difficulty. 	                        	                                                            $14.95   Phoenix  $12.95

The Age of Inheritance Sherry Anshara’s emphasizes the link between consciousness, energy and the creative process. She describes human evolution from the fear-based Third Dimensional 7 Chakra System to the activation of the unlimited consciousness of the 13 chakras within the physical human body. Her life was completely turned around by a 1991 near-death experience that catapulted her into new worlds of understanding about life healing and consciousness.                                     $18.00   Phoenix $15.98

Builders of the Adytum There is a very important reason for leaving the cards uncolored; that you might be enabled to color your own keys. When you color your own cards, they take on the character of your own personality. The attention you must give impresses their patterns upon the cells of your brain and builds the details of the designs into your consciousness.

78 Major & Minor keys

 4x7     $23.00     Phoenix 20.70

21 Major Keys only

 3x5  $13.00  Phoenix 11.70

Text Box: And The Point Is? Sherry Anshara This book is for those who wish to gain greater self-awareness: the separation directive, the trauma of the drama, belief systems, the addiction program, the grid, becoming the observed, Newton vs. Quantum, fallacy of perception, zero point, ascension direction.  It’s for those seeking  methods to empower themselves,   releasing beliefs and refocusing energies. Getting beyond Duality.                               $21.00    Phoenix 17.98
Text Box: Living Ahimsa Diet: Nourishing Love & Life.  Maya Tiwari is know fondly the world over as “Mother of Ahimsa”. Grounded in ancient Vedic principles, it is the first “food” book that sheds light on how we can cultivate a truly harmonious life through the practice of Living Ahimsa by eating, living and loving in harmony with Mother Nature and her seasonal rhythms.                        $24.95  Phoenix $22.22
Text Box: My Spirit Is Not Religious Tina Sacchi 
Throughout our life we give up old limiting belief systems and expand into new ones. The author writes this book to help us give up our sense of guilt, shame, blame, anxiety, sadness, taken on through church earlier in our lives and lay the groundwork for overcoming emotional obstacles that have been keeping us from moving forward spiritually.                      $17.95   Phoenix $14.95

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